4th Workshop of Solar-Thermal Energy Exploitation Research


4th Workshop of Solar-Thermal Energy Exploitation Research


New Design and Manufacturing sequence for integrated test section / Validation experimental setup and some results for Microchannel Diverging Manifold – Presenter: Valter S. Nascimento Jr

Flow boiling of water and R1336mzz(Z) in open microchannels with diverging manifold – Presenter: Débora C. Moreira

Experimental Evaluation of the effects of bubble nucleation under confided conditions on two-phase flow distribution among the microchannels of heatsinks – Presenter: Hugo C. Rufato

Evaluation of pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient prediction methods for high reduced pressure flow boiling – Presenter: Daniel Marchetto

Comparasiont of infrared thermography calibration techniques – Presenter: Victor E. C. Baptistella

Silicon Texturing of Periodic V-GrooveChannels, Upright, and Inverted Pyramids Structures – Presenter: José A. Diniz

High Silicon Etching Rate for  Microchannel Definition Via ICP Plasma Etching Using SF6/Ar as gas mixture – Presenter: José A. Diniz

Measurement of the liquid film thickness in Air-Water flows using confocal microscopy – Presenter: Fernando N. Quintino

Thermal performance of a multi-turn pulsating heating pipe – Presenter: Cristiano B. Tibiriçá

Lattice Boltzmann Method with multi-block scheme to simulate heat transfer between two solids – Presenter: Ivan Talao Martins

Some recent results of the simulation of boiling heat transfer using the pseudopotential Lattice Boltzmann method – Presenter: Matheus S. Guzella

Pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann method study of boiling heat transfer inside channel flows – Presenter: Luiz Eduardo Czelusniak

Simulação paralela de microfluídos mediante o Método de Lattice Boltzmann – Presenter: Alfredo Jaramillo

Experimental analysis of a horizontal liquid film exchanger using subcooled water – Presenter: Beethoven Narváez-Romo

Heat and mass transfer on ammonia-water falling film technology: generator and rectifier of an absorption refrigeration cycle – Presenter: Beethoven Narváez-Romo

Comparison of ammonia-water absorption and vapor compression refrigeration cycles based on numerical analysis – Presenter: Beethoven Narváez-Romo

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